I am pleased to recommend Anand Srinivasan to assist with managing life and health insurance, particularly in relation to people who are transitioning outside of company insurance arrangements to personal insurance arrangements. Anand recently provided assistance to my family to determine our best insurance options as I transitioned outside of the PwC Partnership insurance arrangements. He took the right amount of time to understand our needs and to explain the available insurance products and important details of their terms and conditions. Anand really understood what treatment options we wanted to be funded through our insurance and the practical constraints of pre-existing health conditions. As a result, I have high confidence that Anand helped us select the right type and amount of insurance for us. Anand is a proactive and organised person and I appreciate his approach to proactively collect the information that would be required to support my family’s future life or health insurance claims. I have confidence that if/when we have a bereavement or significant health issue in our family, Anand will be there to help make the insurance claim part of that process easy for the surviving members of my family.