There are many reasons I love working in the insurance industry, but the greatest of all is the difference you can make to someone’s future.
Implementing an insurance programme for a family knowing that they are now prepared financially for whatever the future may hold. Meeting with professionals who want to help their own clients mitigate areas of personal or business risk before it’s too late. Dropping in on a business owner to guide them through the complex world of ACC or put in place an employee benefits programme to help them retain staff.
These are moments that matter to me because I know the time taken to plan for a secure financial future will make a difference.



20 years in the life insurance industry

Before launching Brisk Insurance, Anand worked with one of the world’s largest life insurance groups. His knowledge of the insurance market place and desire to create better insurance solutions has, over the years, led to a number of innovations for personal and business clients.

A specialist in both personal and business risk

Anand is at home working on every aspect of your risk management. Whether it’s planning a secure financial future for you and your loved ones – or advising on specialist business risk cover such as key person cover, ACC and employee benefits, Anand will ensure you are covered.

Financial Adviser and Member of Financial Advice New Zealand

Anand is a financial adviser (FSPR 441107), has completed Level 5 NZ certificate in Financial Services ( Life and Health Insurances) strand and he meets all of the current regulatory requirements. As a member of Financial Advice New Zealand, Anand is also committed to an ethical and professional code of conduct.


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