Working alongside you to help your clients understand and holistically manage the key life, health and disability risks facing their businesses and family.


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Protection for your clients

We work alongside accountants, lawyers and other professionals to help manage the financial risks faced by their clients.
At Brisk Insurance we work with you and your clients to prepare a risk management plan that is relevant to their unique situation.


We start by getting to know your client. What are the circumstances of their family life and business? What is their current financial position and what are their goals and aspirations for the future of the business.


From the information gathered during the consultation process, we identify any issues or risks, quantify the financial impacts and work out the solution/s needed to manage your client’s risk exposure.


The plan we prepare for your client will explain how and why we have assessed the issues the way that we have. It will highlight any gaps we see in client’s current plan and make recommendations moving forward. It will enable your client to understand the financial risks and give practical options.


Together we will review the recommendations and agree on an action plan and responsibilities.

Implement and maintain

This final step may involve co-ordinating with other professional advisers to ensure legal agreements, estate planning and structures are appropriate. It may also require us putting in place new insurance cover or managing changes to existing cover. Once done, we then meet again annually to review the risk plan, ensuring it remains relevant.

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