Specific Injury Benefit

Insurance that works for Adventure Sports enthusiasts.

Protection for Adventure sports enthusiasts

No Additional Medical  Underwriting *

No Additional Financial Underwriting *

No Hazardous Pursuit Exclusions *

As some of you guys may know, I had an accident recently resulting in a broken ankle, which is why I haven’t been about for the last 5 weeks. However rehab is going amazingly and I intend to be flying again in the next few weeks! What I do want to share is how amazing Brisk Insurance has been with its specialised trauma cover. This is an injury cover that doesn’t exclude paragliding! I took out this cover approximately 8 weeks before my accident and was paid in full within days (Hence the new acro4g). I cannot compliment Anand enough for the time and effort he puts into his clients. Get on over to his website and take a look if you have any interest!

Dylan Dhue, Paraglider Pilot, Electrician by trade and extreme sports enthusiast
* IMPORTANT: Please Read

Specific Injury Benefit is available only as an an add on to lump sum covers and is not available for some occupations.

You can add on Specific Injury Benefit to your new/existing Life Cover , Trauma Cover, Total Permanent Disability cover. The other restriction is specific injury benefit (SIB) is available only for select occupations and No additional Medical Underwriting | No additional Financial Underwriting  is required.

The key advantage is No Hazardous sports/pursuit exclusion is placed on specific injury benefit even though it may be an exclusion on your life/Trauma/Total Permanent Disablement cover.

The key benefit is premiums are AFFORDABLE

There is no doubt that New Zealand is beautiful. New Zealand comes with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, and us Kiwis are definitely adventure enthusiasts. Over the years,  Aotearoa has become a haven for paragliders, Kite surfers, base jumpers, skydivers, mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, motorcyclists and countless other extreme sport enthusiasts.

Do you ever worry about the financial effects of an injury suffered from your hobby/pastime?

However, with countless adventure-based hobbies comes the possibility of injury.

Do you ever worry about the financial effects of an injury suffered from your hobby/pastime?

If you find yourself saying “Yes” to this question, as I do, then you will be happy to see there’s a solution.

What if I told you about an all-new insurance cover that makes it possible to live your life, on your own terms, no matter how “dangerous” your sport is deemed to be?

Introducing Specific Injury Benefit

Specific Injury Benefit (SIB) cover; a game changing insurance policy organised through Brisk Insurance with an insurer which is guaranteed to cover 29 specific pre-defined injuries.

Don’t fear, these injuries are not ones that you’ve never heard of! Instead, they range from those as simple as a fractured wrist all the way up to paralysis from accident, the likes of which has a large pay-out too.

Life insurance doesn’t cover you while you’re still breathing and if you want to get healed and return to your adventure sport then ‘Specific Injury Benefit’ cover is the one for you! (NOTE:  see disclaimer below)

Here at Brisk Insurance, we believe in insurance that works.

Use the chat service (bottom right), send us a message (form below) or call and talk to Anand today to see if your occupation/job qualifies for Specific Injury Benefit so that  you can keep doing what you love, knowing that you’ll be financially covered if an injury ever occurs from your hobby or profession.


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* Disclaimer: The Specific Injury Benefit Cover is available only for select occupation’s and at the sole discretion of the Insurance provider. Every Insurance application will be subject to underwriting assessment rules. This is not an offer for insurance. Terms and Conditions apply.

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