At Brisk Insurance, we specialise in negotiating hard-working life insurance solutions for families, professionals and businesses. But how do we make the hard-work look so easy?



Insurance Review

We start with an insurance review for every Brisk client. No matter what you choose to do from here, you will walk away with a thorough understanding of any life insurance products you already have and how hard they are (or are not) working for you.

Personalised Recommendations

All of our recommendations are prepared with your unique needs, priorities and circumstances in mind. We believe the right insurance solution is out there for everyone, and we don’t stop until we find the perfect products, policies and coverage for you. That’s a promise.

Competitive Negotiations

We aren’t afraid to use our extensive experience and inside knowledge of the insurance industry to your advantage. We know how insurers operate and we work with them to get you the best deal. If we can negotiate insurance for skydivers (true story), then we can do it for you.


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