A positive experience is worth sharing.

I started my own business last year with a simple objective of meeting more and more people, apply my expertise in reviewing their Insurances, as most Kiwis do not know if they are underinsured or overinsured and why did they buy insurance in the first place?

As part of my prospecting process while rummaging through my contacts list of past years as to who to call, I came across details of Sam (name has been changed) who I had last met in 2007.

Back in 2007, Sam was 31, a bright young man wanting to be an Insurance Broker.

I was at that time in the role of Business Development Manager in an insurance company.  After couple of meetings Sam wanted to know if he could lodge a claim under his personal Trauma cover policy with my company.

I was a bit surprised to get this request from a person so young. He had lost touch with his Insurance broker and Sam was not sure if he was eligible for a trauma claim for his condition without contacting the Insurance Company.

I decided to assist Sam in lodging his claim. During the claims process I constantly worked behind the scenes to ensure he was kept updated on regular basis on the progress.  My claims team dealt directly with Sam and end result was after a month I got a call, his voice shaky and emotional stating his claim was paid for $300,000.

Sam’s claim was a turning point in my career as this experience taught me how we went about our job made a difference to someone. My brief interaction with Sam in 2007 as an Insurance manager helped me realize that my work indeed made a difference to people’s lives. I was thoroughly motivated and loved my job with passion which paid rich dividend in the following years.

Sam  said the money was very timely as he was going through a tough time,  He had to leave a well-paying job due to his medical condition as with constant visits to hospital for surgery,  chemo etc. he could not have a stable job.  He was not enjoying being self-employed and basically trying to make both ends meet when he should be resting and recouping. Added to this Sam’s fiancé at that time was suffering from breast cancer.

I had lost touch with Sam post 2007 until I came across his business card last week.

Fortunately his mobile number had remain unchanged in these past  years and  when I called him,  he had no trouble remembering me  and spoke to me as if we were long lost friends. I met Sam this week over a coffee.

He pledged his 100% support to my business and said he will be more than happy to recommend and get me in front of many people. It was quite touching, a good deed done years back was coming back to pay me.

Sam at present is a senior executive in a well-paying job in a multinational, happily married with a young son.

Hence, I do believe what goes around comes around

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