Insurance Warrant of Fitness

Why   “Insurance Warrant of Fitness” ?

Insurance Plans are put in place to ensure that you or your family do not suffer a financial death before physical death. The insurance plan and products are designed to provide the much needed peace of mind to continue your lifestyle.

It would be a disaster if a person is under-insured or misses out an updated product reflecting at claim time.

Your goals, plans and personal situation change over time. Just like a car needs servicing at regular intervals your insurance policy is a financial vehicle which needs to be serviced to ensure that it is up to date to get paid adequately in the event of a claim due to illness or accident.

Please answer the following short questionnaire to get an immediate initial assessment of potential risks in your existing insurance programme.

Insurance "Warrant of Fitness"
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Warrant of fitness questions

Please answer "Yes" or "No" to each of the statements below

Insurance "Warrant of Fitness" (mobile test)

Warrant of fitness questions

Please answer "Yes" or "No" to each of the statements below

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The BriskInsurance Warrant of Fitness questionnaire is designed as a general guide to assist you in determining whether there are any factors which could affect a claim under existing Life, Health or Disability insurance. The questions are intended to be of a general nature and do not take into account your financial situation or goals. This is not a personalised financial adviser service under the Financial Advisers Act 2008. It is recommended you seek advice from an insurance adviser which takes into account your individual circumstances before you acquire or make changes to an insurance policy. If you wish to consult an insurance Adviser, please contact Anand on 09 212 8690.
Brisk Insurance Ltd and its directors, employees and agents are not liable for any loss or damage incurred by any person as a result of any error in any information, opinion or recommendation in this questionnaire (whether due to the negligence of Brisk Insurance Ltd, NZ or its directors, employees and agents, or otherwise)


Brisk Insurance Ltd is a Financial Advice Provider under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

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