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What our clients say



I moved to NZ recently and  contacted Anand for review of my existing insurances.  Anand did a very good job in review process, identifying the right products and provider . His  timely communication and support is exceptional.

The true measure of good insurance advice is when a claim is paid. I also had  to claim on my medical insurance just before Christmas and Anand got me a pre-approval for the treatment within 24 hours paid by the insurance company direct to the Health provider.
I wholeheartedley recommend Anand Srinivasan as your adviser of choice

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One good thing I did in my life was buy Insurance.However an even better outcome for me was when I met Anand when my existing insurance broker could not help me with my claim. Anand not only helped me but he got my insurance claim paid.
The insurance industry needs more ambassadors like Anand who do what they say they will do.
He is a thorough professional and understands how the insurance economics work. His understanding and knowledge of the subject is exceptional and support at claim time 100%. Any person will be lucky to have Anand as his adviser.

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I have been in business for the last few years as an IT developer and have never really understood ACC. To me it was a cost that I had to pay, until Anand reviewed my ACC situation, did a quick ACC health check and negotiated with ACC to correct my wrong classification unit code. I managed to get a sizeable refund due to Briskinsurance efforts.

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I am an Electrician by trade and I am happy to have had my review of Insurance through Anand. His passion and knowledge of the subject is superior to any other adviser I have met. He knows how to review and repair the existing insurance covers so that they are aligned to your goals and objectives.
What impressed me the most was that Anand got few of the unnecessary long standing exclusions removed from my policy by successfully negotiating with the Insurance underwriter.

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EC Ltd



We always thought ACC levy is something you pay and there was no choice. Anand explained ACC in simple terms
and he showed us better options by combining ACC and private insurance plan.
We are absolutely pleased with having an agreed value cover amounts which means no running around
to produce financials etc at claim time.  Briskinsurance has given us peace of mind…

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It’s always great to have someone like Anand in your corner when it comes to making a plan.
Not only does he cast the net widely for the best-suited products, he has the industry experience to know how to make insurance really work when you need it most. I am very happy that he is my insurance adviser.

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