ACC Restructure Report Request

Congratulations for taking the next step to find  out about your ACC situation. On providing the below information we will be able to send you a report which will tell you:

  • How much ACC levy you will pay for the current year
  • What benefit amount you will get for the levy you pay
  • What options are available for you to better your situation.

We will come back to you within 2 working days.

Please complete this form with all of the requested information. Please be assured, this information will be held in confidence and will only be used for the purposes of your inquiry and any subsequent work you may engage us to do on your behalf.

I have been in business for the last few years as an IT developer and have never really understood ACC. To me it was a cost that I had to pay, until Anand reviewed my ACC situation, did a quick ACC health check and negotiated with ACC to correct my wrong classification unit code. I managed to get a sizeable refund due to Briskinsurance efforts.

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ACC Restructure Report Request

ACC Restructure Report Request

Please provide your name First and Last
Please enter your phone number
As you are on PAYE salary we are therefore unable to proceed further with your request, please close this tab/window
As you have answered “No” to both questions, we are sorry that we will be unable to restructure your ACC . Please close this tab/window

Additional Information

Please provide your date of birth

Main Activities

Please list the main activities you personally perform in the business
Please describe the activity

Other Information

please provide the following additional information
Please list the ages of your children separated by commas (e.g. 2, 4, 9)

Existing Insurance

Please provide the value of any existing insurance you have in place
Lumo Sum Value of any life cover you have
Lump sum value of any trauma insurance you have
Lump sum value of any permanent disablement insurance you have
Monthly gross payment entitlement under mortgage repayment insurance
Monthly Gross payment entitlement under income protection insurance.

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