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Helping you navigate unseen financial risks for you, your business and your family

ACC Levy Management

ACC is a potential minefield. Getting it wrong can mean you are paying more than you should or are subject to penalties if you haven’t been paying enough. We can help you save money and deliver better outcomes in the event of a claim. Find out how

Employee Benefit Programmes

Are you looking to enhance employee engagement or provide benefits to attract high-calibre staff. An insurance-based employee benefits programme could form part of the solution. Talk to us today.

Business Key Person Risk

Every small to medium-sized business has key staff without whom the business would struggle to survive. What would happen to your business if something happened to them? Lets talk about getting you covered

Personal Risk Cover

Your personal insurance programme is an integral component to ensure that you and your family are not detrimentally affected from a financial perspective in the event you are unable to work.Lets talk about protecting your loved ones

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What goes around comes around – a real story

What goes around comes around – a real story

A positive experience is worth sharing. I started my own business last year with a simple objective of meeting more and more people, apply my expertise in reviewing their Insurances, as most Kiwis do not know if they are underinsured or overinsured and why did they...

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